Proud of our customers

Client sitting next to a modular oak shelf
In the picture: Carlos Wagner, stage opera director.

Proud of our customers

When we started selling BrickBox in February 2011 we did not expect that the relationship with our customers would be so satisfactory. After almost 10 years sending shelves throughout Europe we can draw a very approximate profile of our customers. The majority are great readers – hence they need to order their books – or music lovers with many albums.
That characteristic configures the main feature of his personality: our clients have a high or very high cultural level.
Most of them have passed through the university and many have professions related to art or creativity:
translators, architects, musicians, designers, photographers, writers, engineers, teachers, videogame designers, orchestra directors, illustrators, researchers…

They all appreciate our system for storing and transporting books and records. Moreover, the 54% of our clientes are women. Perhaps because they appreciate the ease of assembly of the BrickBox or because being a modular system they can build their library “brick by brick”, without the need for strength.
Regarding age, we have to say that our public is middle-aged, between 35 and 55 years. We do not have many clients below the age of 30 because at that age the “suitcase” is still light.

Our communication with all of them is fluid and cordial, in the linguistic babel in which we move (with Google Translator’s help),
education and correction always help us solve the problems that arise in all electronic commerce.
We have always found the satisfactory solution for both parties! That is why we can say that we are proud of our customers!