What are BrickBox modules?

BrickBox is a patented system composed of stackable modules used to transport or store culture (records, books, films, etc)

What are BrickBox modular shelves
White birch plywood standard size modular shelving


Modular BrickBox shelves are the perfect measure to organize books and records. Its main feature is the portability granted by the two lateral handles.

Modular shelves standard size in oak

BrickBox Natural Oak

BrickBox Natural Oak modular shelves feature a natural oak plywood. Due to their sedentary nature, they have no handles and are designed for living rooms.

White XL size modular shelving

BrickBox XL

BrickBox XL modular shelves are ideal for storing vinyl records, large format books, carpesanos … They also have two side handles for greater portability.

BrickBox modular shelves in white and oak, sealed in their original packaging


BrickBox is sold ready-to-assemble in flat packs that are easy to transport in any vehicle.

Drawing showing the usefulness of BrickBox shelves, quick assembly in 5 minutes


You only need a screwdriver, if it’s electric, even easier!
The installation instruction will be provided with the pacakge of our product.


Two modules, one large and one small

Two sizes of modules BrickBox are provided to compose any kinds of structures:


To assemble all kinds of bookshelves.


To complete the ends of the bookshelf.

Correct assembly of the BrickBox shelves, the modules never go directly on top of each other

Large BrickBox modules are assembled like brick walls. The Small BrickBox modules are placed at the end to complete the ends of the bookshelves.

Connection method between modules using nylon plugs

Placing the nylon pegs on the base into the lower BrickBox holes to build a safe and stable structure. The BrickBox shelves are attached to each other without the need for screws!


Two-ply birch plywood

We have chosen birch plywood (also known as marine board) to shape our BrickBox for the following reasons:

  • Birch is a fast-growing tree with good reforestation, 15 years after its felling, the forest has already recovered.
  • The different layers of wood are glued alternating the direction of the veins to guarantee our final product more torsion resistant.
  • As a light and resistant material, birch plywood is highly recognized in furniture manufacturing.
  • The listed edge, with its characteristic stripes of the light and the dark part, leaves the edge seen. We brush it to make it feel comfortable to touch.
  • The white surface finish is a sheet of melamine paper glued in a high pressure which guarantees a long service life
  • Our birch plywood is a material for indoor use, easy to clean with a damp rag.