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BrickBox as corner shelf

The versatility of BrickBox allows you to make use of those tricky corners in the house, enabling the construction of corner shelves and bookcases. As shown in the photograph sent by our customer, where you can see the corner shelf for her daughter’s room.

Corner shelves can be built with the standard modules, not the …

Mesita de noche hecha con módulos de roble

BrickBox Oak as a bedside table

The BrickBox Oak combines modular practicality with the elegance provided by noble oak. Just like its siblings, the standard BrickBox and the BrickBox XL, the BrickBox Oak allows for anything from building large bookshelves to, at its simplest, bedside tables.

This companion for nocturnal reading is composed of one Small Oak BrickBox module (36cm height) …

Gato encima de la estantería BrickBox

King Cat on the Culture Hill

Our client from Maryland built a staircase with their modular BrickBox shelving.
The house’s feline has made Culture Hill its particular throne.
We are pleased to see our bookshelves with neatly arranged books.
Because, above all, our shelves are bookcases.

Estanterías roble para comedor y salón

BrickBox in America

This two-level oak bookshelf made by BrickBox Oak modules belongs to our American distributor Modmobili ( In it, they store their collection of books and comics (we can see their collection of Astérix and Obélix, a hobby shared with the BrickBox designer) and use it as a multimedia unit to support the television. The …

Bookshelf for reading nook

Architect Sonia Rayos has taken advantage of the versatility of BrickBox shelves to create her reading nook.

She has chosen BrickBox XL as the base for her personal library and combined it with standard BrickBoxes. The BrickBox XL (54 x 35 x 40 cm) provides generous depth and height, allowing for the storage of large-format …

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Proud of a job well done

We want to thank all the customers who have left their feedback on both Trustpilot and Google Reviews. We are proud to have such excellent reviews, receiving 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews and 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. These highly positive opinions are the result of a job well …

Estantería para colegio

The Comic Culture in France

The Aretha Franklin School in France has created a comic reading corner, and our modular BrickBox shelves have found their perfect place in this initiative. France, known for its appreciation of comics and graphic novels, once again reminds us of the importance of comic culture as a source of learning. We are delighted to …

Armario modular de 35 cm de profundidad

Modular wardrobe for clothes 35cm deep

The BrickBox XL has the ideal depth (35cm) to make your modular shelving a wardrobe for clothes and shoes, both in small spaces (the minimum length would be 81cm combining a large module with a small one) and in large spaces, adding the modules you need. T-shirts, jumpers, trousers, slippers, hats, underwear, shoes… everything …

Estanteria en comedor

Dining room shelving

The bookshelf of our client from Barcelona presides over his dining room table.
Filled with books, comics, CDs and DVDs, it has a prominent place in the room.
The light and colours of the books and accessories create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Original solutions for unique spaces

The maximum recommended height of our BrickBox modular bookcases is 6 modules, 2.16 metres (36×6) high if it is with Standard modules or 2.40 metres (40×6) if it is with XL modules. With this in mind, our customer Charlotte from Belgium has found an original solution for her library to make the most of …