What is Kazam?

Kazam! was the name used by Ray & Charles Eames to christen the first prototype of the machine they designed to bend plywood (pressure was provided by a bicycle pump)… and it is also in tribute to the ingenious designers.

Kazam Design is a furniture and objects design company founded in Barcelona in 2010 by Antxon Salvador.

We believe in design based on ideas, hence our motto: “Ingenious made design”. And we want to take it straight to the user with no middle men: we produce our designs and market them online.

This is the new way for good ideas to reach the general public.


After 20 years working with other designers Antxon Salvador (an industrial designer) debuted as the inventor of this patented system.

BrickBox is designed in Spain and we wished to manufacture them here. It is a matter of principles.

Manufacturing in Asia is cheaper, but means:

  • Losing control of production and delivery deadlines.
  •  Timber from uncontrolled forests.
  •  Poor working conditions.
  •  Unsustainable transport: timber from Africa, processed in Asia to sell in Europe.

Las BrickBox are made from top quality wood from controlled European forests, manufactured in Spain by an industry that needs good ideas, confidence and work.

The BrickBox modular shelf was designed by Antxon Salvador