Cat shelves

Muebles para gatos

Cat shelves. Modular furniture for cats

Reading lovers are not the only fans of our modular BrickBox shelves, we also have another audience (equally sophisticated and demanding) that finds in our storage boxes a comfortable and cozy place to spend their leisure time.

In the picture that our French client Yana sends us, if you look closely at the content of the modules,
in one of them you can find an example of the public that we were describing, her feline companion.
The whole shelf is the playground of the kitten, going up and down, moving from one box to another, having fun but also relaxing in his “bed”, his favorite module.

We receive many emails from customers explaining that their cats have become fond of BrickBox. Thanks to their stackable cube shape, cats own them, thus creating their safe space. Each cat is different, some decide to make their “cave” in a large BrickBox module, others prefer to spend their time in small modules… And the most exquisite prefer the oak ones over the white ones!

Many customers also decide to use BrickBox as cat furniture. Due to their measuraments, they are ideal to use as your pet bed, (don’t forget to put a cushion to make the boxes more fluffy so your pet can feel protected and even more comfortable), the BrickBox modules are also suitable for containing the sandbox or the feeder, the food and water bowls fit perfectly. You can put the cat accessories at ground level (for the laziest cats) or higher, in some high module or in a module with legs, this way the kittens can release their hunter instincts and they will have to move a little until they reach their precious banquet.

So, if you own a cat or are considering to have one, do not hesitate to rethink BrickBox as a feline modular furniture, we are sure that they will cause more than a purr of happiness to your companion.