Comic shelves

Comic shelves

BrickBox Comic Shelves

We understand comic book, graphic novels and illustrated books collectors really well … because we are too!

Our houses are full of those books that combine drawings and literature. We have had a great time with Corto Maltese, Tintin, Valentina and Astérix and we like to have their albums classified in our BrickBox bookshelf. Will Eisner, Guido Crepax or Carlos Giménez will always have preferential space in our library.

Because comics are part of our cultural heritage. From Mortadelo and Filemón to Carpanta through Josetxu el Vasco or Capitan Thunder they enlivened our childhoods of TBO and Magicians of Humor. Then, as teenagers, we admire authors such as Corben, Milo Manara or Josep Maria Beà, to continue enjoying the eighth art as adults.

We know the pleasure of reopening Tintin and The ear broken 30 years after having read it for the first time and we continue smiling with the tender and funny cartoons of Paul de Rabagliatti. Our modular shelving is perfect to grow at the same time as your comic collection.

Adding modules we will have space for adventure, science fiction, eroticism and superheroes. Because Marvel, Norma and Astiberri will always be welcomed in BrickBox.

BrickBox, the modular bookshelf of the comic readers.

You can see our most popular combinations here, most of them suitable for comic shelves: modular shelves configurations ¡Choose the one that fits better your collection!