Comic shelves

BrickBox shelves are the ideal size for storing comics and graphic novels.
From Hergé to Toriyama, everything fits on BrickBox!

Estantería para cómics con el cómic Tintín

The BrickBox comic book shelf consist of two modules, one large and one small, available in white and oak finish. You can create all kinds of compositions and shelves at different heights. BrickBox will adapt and grow with your collection.

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Estanterías para cómics y manga

Specially designed to store all types and sizes of comics: Whether you are looking for a shelf for your graphic novel collection, manga or comics, we can assure you that in BrickBox everything fits. If you have a comic book that is taller than 36 cm, we also have the BrickBox XL model, which is taller and deeper.

Estantería para manga

BrickBox’s trump card is its versatility. You can create a low piece of furniture, a tall and narrow bookcase or a comic bookcase that takes up the entire length of your room. BrickBox shelves are made of birch plywood, a very strong wood that can withstand many kilos of illustrated culture!

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Fast delivery of your modular shelving


Our modular bookcases and shelves for comics are always in stock. Your order leaves our warehouses promptly and in 5 days we arrive in any city in Europe.

Easy and quick assembly of the shelves


The shelves are sold unassembled. But with just a screwdriver you can assemble a box in 4 minutes, less if you work in a team and even less if you have an electric screwdriver!

Estanterias transportables


Without screwing to the wall, the shelf is built on the floor and is perfectly stable, up to 6 storeys high. Hangers for wall mounting are also available.

Modular reconfigurable shelving


Constructive versatility, change the position of the modules to rebuild your bookcase. You can build at different angles and shapes, modifying the height according to your needs.


You can choose from a wide range of accessories for your shelf: you can add doors, legs, castors, shelves or hangers. Or you can make your shelf part of your desk by placing one of our table tops on top of a pair of BrickBoxes.


You have the option of using transparent doors, which will allow you to see the spines of your collection while protecting it from dust, or metallic doors in four colours to give a touch of colour to your library.


Patas estanterias comics

You can raise your shelf a few centimetres above the plinth and give it a more elegant look by adding wooden legs. These 10 cm of elevation also allow robot vacuums to clean without any problems.

Table tops

Adding a board to your BrickBox bookshelf will allow you to have your work area close to your books or comics, thus unifying your desk with your bookshelf. You can choose between the large board (80 cm wide) or the small board (60 cm wide).


You can add shelves to your BrickBox and expand the storage surface. The anchor points of the shelves allow two height options, very suitable if you want to store CD’s, DVD’s or video games.


Ruedas estanterias comcs

You can make your shelf mobile by adding castors. We always recommend adding at least one wheel with a brake.
Very suitable for making room dividers.

Wall hangers

Colgadores estanteri

You can hang BrickBox on the wall by means of hangers, using the hanger corresponding to the size of the module you are going to hang (large hanger for the BrickBox Large module and the small hanger for the BrickBox Small module). Designed to hang the boxes in a single row.

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