BrickBox, the tie-free office

A new trend that has appeared recently within the 21st Century work environment seems to be here to stay: the workplace is nowadays a more comfortable and flexible space and therefore a more productive one. From the Silicon Valley (California)-based technology companies, we have imported a working space style that is laid-back and more human. It’s what we might call tie-free offices. And BrickBox is the European ingredient to this recipe.

Modules that are easy to put together (no professional equipment required), that can be arranged in multiple configurations, from a small reception desk to a large stacked library. BrickBox plays with the idea of versatility in order to offer all sorts of office furniture. The accessories -tables, legs, doors and shelving- make for a simple and original system that invites creative structures in the work place. It’s no surprise then to find out that the offices of the head of Apple Marketing are furnished with BrickBox.