MODULAR SHELF AND BOOKCASE SYSTEM composed of stackable boxes to transport and store books, discs … for home and office.


BrickBox is a patented modular storage system consisted of wooden boxes, designed for storing, collecting and transporting, included books, films, records and even more. The modules can be assembled together with no need for screws, to provide a solid structure with various possibilities: from a small cupboard to a huge set of bookcase, a wall cabinet, a cupboard, a display case, a sideboard, a bookshef or a room divider.

KazamDesign, ingenio hecho diseño


Well stocked, with all our products delivered in 5 days all around Europe


You and an electrical screwdriver, in 4 minutes a box will be assembled


No need screwed to the wall, the product is supported solidly to the ground


Highly versatile consctructivity, reposition the modules to achieve a brand new bookcase


Transportation convenience,
no need for extra packaging and reinstalling


BRICKBOX is sold exclusively via our website throughout Europe.
Our other distributors are in Canda, in the USA,  Australia and New Caledonia.



  • I have a very long piece of furniture made with BrickBox modules, almost 5 meters, only two stories high and it looks great in the living room. On top I have put pictures and photographs and the result is shocking. The boxes are mounted on the legs to avoid the socket (I was sorry to take it out). I will buy more and make a third floor because I have already tried it and I like it.

  • When I saw the BrickBox on the Internet I could not believe it: they were exactly what I was looking for, some boxes that could be stacked. And also the anchoring system was very simple and effective! I made a small trial order and then I have been buying more. Congratulations on your design.

  • Long live BrickBox, ole, ole !!! A great design that has solved one of my nightmares: the removals. For my work I often move from housing and BrickBox is the definitive solution. Outstanding for you.

    Maarten S. - AMBERES, BÉLGICA
  • BrickBox is a great design, I hope it ends up becoming a classic. I can say that I was among the first to buy it. And I love the website and its photos and drawings. You can see the affection that designers have for their furniture. And they are very nice, I called them on the phone because it took time to receive them and they treated me very well. Regards.

  • I wrote “modular bookcases” on Google and hit the image button. Hundreds of storage systems appeared, I studied them carefully and came to the conclusion that BrickBox was the best of them all and above Spanish. I am very satisfied with the product and the shopping experience, they are friendly and serve fast. Highly recommended.

    Manuel B. - ZARAGOZA, ESPAÑA
  • I am another Norwegian who met BrickBox because they published a photo in the weekly Dagens Naeringsliv. I had never bought a piece of furniture online and I didn’t have much confidence. But the deal with Antxon by email was very kind and I decided to buy. I liked the idea that a designer decides to market his own design and sell it on the web, without distributors, to the end customer.

    Andreas E. - BERGEN, NORUEGA
  • The BrickBox are a great design. We have a large bookstore with more than 40 BrickBox in the studio and we are delighted. I recommend smearing the edges with a little olive oil rubbing with a cloth. They darken a little, contrast more with white and are even more beautiful.

    Sylvan F. - MALLORCA, ESPAÑA
  • I have a small BrickBox furniture made up of 5 large and 2 small boxes mounted on wheels and it works great. It serves as a separator between the study and the living room and when I need to expand the space because guests come I stick it against the wall very easily. Now I am saving for the classroom library. Very good design and well finished.

  • Sylvan, thanks for the recommendation to spread the songs with olive oil, they are more alive and earn a lot. I recommend BrickBox, they are very practical and elegant. Greetings from Palencia.

    Josefina O. - PALENCIA, ESPAÑA
  • Two boxes came to me broken, surely because of some blow in the transport and they were forwarded to me for free. They have been very good and we plan to buy more.

  • Congratulations on your design. I just filled the library, after 3 hours of happy assembly in which not a single screw has been missing! I write you seeing my new bookstore and I can only say that it is the smartest piece of furniture that I have bought in my life. Thank you. It has also been a pleasure to deal with you, it shows that you have a great love for your product and company and want to give the best service.

  • I wanted to congratulate you on your design: original and practical. At home they have been a success.

    Siren L. - OSLO, NORUEGA
  • I really like my BrickBox, but you should send them in smaller cardboard boxes because they weigh too much. I had to climb them 4 floors without elevator … until it occurred to me to open the box and raise them 5 in 5. But they have been very good.

  • I have already made 4 orders. I buy them ten by ten because I found it very expensive to buy all the ones I need at once. I estimate that I still have to make another 3 orders to change the entire library, but they look great. I would find it interesting that you had them in more colors. I propose colors: gray, orange and pistachio. Greetings from Scotland!

  • I am a professional footballer and I have changed teams (and home) 7 times in the last 12 years. My wife convinced me to buy BrickBox because she has many books and in the removals they were a pain. The truth is that they are very practical and look great. We recommend BrickBox.

    Guillermo E. - MURCIA, ESPAÑA


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Estanteria modular estrecha y alta

Slim shelf

BrickBox system adapts to any need, sometimes we need a bookcase that doesn’t take up much space.
This small bookcase, 216 cm×108 cm, offers a highly decorative solution. The wooden legs help to achieve a slim look and make it easy to vacuum the floor.