BrickBox, following the norm … or freedom of action!

Configuraciones estructura modular

Alternative shelving

BrickBox is a modular storage system designed to build structures based on the principle of brick walls, that is, a box on the second floor must be positioned on two boxes on the lower level. The BrickBox have a patented system that allows joining some boxes with others without the need for screws.

Our system allows the construction of “walls” of storage up to 6 stories high (216 cm with the Standard model and 240 cm with the XL model). The length of that wall can range from 81 cm (a large module of 54 cm plus a small module of 27 cm) up to 4 or 5 meters long. This is a self-supporting system, that is, it does not require wall fixing. The BrickBox Standard allow corner construction (90 ° angle) since its length (54 cm) is twice its depth (27 cm). Structures can be built with the lower floors of XL modules and the upper ones with the Standard model.

So far the basic principles of our construction system, but some people think that the rules are to skip them, and BrickBox allows you to skip your own rules. In the image we can see a good example of free construction with our plywood modules. The structure on the left requires some fixing screws between boxes … but the result is surprising!
A container and divider cabinet, with opening on three sides using the XL modules on the low level and Standard modules on the three upper floors. The original volume of the structure adds expression to the furniture without subtracting any functionality. BrickBox, also for imaginative builders!