Accessories for BrickBox modular shelving,
BrickBox Natural Oak and BrickBox XL.

Doors, shelves, wall hangers, wheels, legs and wooden tables.



Transparent polycarbonate. Folding and retractable door.
They serve to protect the contents of the box.

Transparent Big Door

Transparent Small Door

Transparent Large Door XL

Transparent Small Door XL


Door in four colors, perfect to protect and hide the module content.
The door is made of high quality aluminum, resistant to knocks and scratches.

Large Aluminum Door

Small Aluminum Door

Large Door Aluminum XL

Small Aluminum Door XL


Birch plywood (marine board) 12 mm laminated in white and plated in natural oak. To make the most of the space of a module,,
being able to store 1 floor of DVD’s or paperback novels and another of CD’s.

Large Shelf

Small Shelf

Large Shelf XL

Small Shelf XL


It allows to place modules on the wall. One support per module.
Folded stainless steel plate.
It includes screws and dowels.

Wall Hanger BrickBox Large / Large XL

Wall Hanger BrickBox Small / Small XL


Screwed to the base give mobility to the shelf.
A wheel with brake is recommended to immobilize the assembly.

Normal Wheel

Break Wheel


Iron painted aluminum color 10 cm high.
You can separate your modular furniture from the floor
and save your modular shelf from the socket.

Cylindrical beech wood leg.
You can save your modular shelf from the socket and separate your modular furniture from the floor.

Pata para mesa.
Pata con estructura interna metálica pintada de gris.
Con regulador de altura y pletina para atornillar a la mesa.


White laminated birch plywood board on both sides
18 mm thick. Suitable for forming tables supported on 2 floors of BrickBox (72 cm)
or using screwed legs. We also make custom boards (check prices)

Tableboard 1500x800x18

Tableboard 1500x600x18