Birch plywood sourced from FSC controlled forests
Contrachapado de abedul de dos capas

We have chosen birch plywood (also known as marine board) to shape our BrickBox for the following reasons:

  • Birch is a fast-growing tree with good reforestation, 15 years after its felling, the forest has already recovered.
  • The different layers of wood are glued alternating the direction of the veins to guarantee our final product more torsion resistant.
  • As a light and resistant material, birch plywood is highly recognized in furniture manufacturing.
  • The listed edge, with its characteristic stripes of the light and the dark part, leaves the edge seen. We brush it to make it feel comfortable to touch.
  • The white surface finish is a sheet of melamine paper glued in a high pressure which guarantees a long service life
  • Our birch plywood is a material for indoor use, easy to clean with a damp rag.

Our suppliers comply with the FSC regulations that guarantee the sustainable management of the forests where our wood comes from.