BrickBox bookcase in its designer home, Antxon Salvador

BrickBox bookcase in its designer home
In 2008, the creator of the BrickBox modular bookshelf ran into a recurring problem: the need for more space to store his growing collection of books and movies.
The home bookshelf had become too small while the designer was writing the book “Español de cine” (Blume Editorial, 2.009). One night of inspiration he devised an anchoring system between modules that he immediately patented.
After the presentation of the book, Antxon sensed that those modules that so successfully ordered their volumes could be a good business project..
And he started to work, after formalizing the patent a company had to be created (Kazam Design), find a manufacturer and present the product (Nude, Valencia fair 2010).
The decision to choose online sale as the only commercial channel –very unusual still in 2010 for furniture– was the consequence of the interest in creating an affordable product that could fit into every home.
Salvador wanted his design to be within reach of the largest number of pockets, but respecting two limits: quality raw material with ecological certification and national manufacturing to help the industry in times of crisis.
The online bet took a couple of years to be profitable, but as of 2012 sales consolidated both in the European market and in the United States. Today there are more than 10,000 homes that organize their culture with BrickBox.