Why Birch Plywood?

BrickBox modules are made of birch plywood, a resistant and high quality material. A benchmark in the bioconstruction that is increasingly being used by eco-conscious engineers and architects.

We have chosen birch plywood over other woods cheaper to produce because:

– It comes from forests marked as ‘sustainable’. The birch tree is a fast growing tree and the repopulation of its forests is very efficient.

– Strength. The birch plywood is composed of thin layers of wood. These layers are placed on top of each other by rotating the direction of the wood veins of each layer, providing strength and stability in all directions.

– Esthetic. The plywood can be covered with all kinds of woods that give it a lot of versatility.

In our case, we used white laminated birch wood for the Standard BrickBox and an oak print for the BrickBox Oak.