The pleasure corner

Modular shelves for living rooms

The pleasure corner. That place where we surround ourselves with our sacred sources of pleasure: music, literature, comics and contemplation.

Playing the guitar after work and before dinner or listening to that song that reminds us of our first love, are acts of daily pleasure that give meaning to our lives. We should all have that shelter at home, that well-organized library or disco where discs and books coexist under the afternoon light to the beat of Louis Armstrong’s trumpet.

In this photograph of one of our American clients, we find a very spacious living room, where the modular BrickBox shelves seem to blend perfectly with the musical and musician atmosphere of the entire room. Covering the entire lower wall of the window, being used as a low cabinet, the shelves are full of books. The wood of our modular shelves combines perfectly with your parquet.

Next to the television, we find another structure formed by shelves BrickBox XL. These shelves are specially designed to store vinyls. And our client uses them precisely for this purpose. In three of the modules he stores vinyls and discs. In one of them, he stores videogames, another of our passions.