Materials for BrickBox modular shelves: screws, wooden and nylon plugs

All the material you need

We prepare all the material you need to build up your modular shelf.
All the screws and pegs needed are inside the BrickBox package,
ready to start building your creations!

Bookshelf with toys. Three very playful bears

BrickBox: Let your imagination fly

We love the shelves that our clients design, as well as the imaginative photos they send us.
In this nice picture of Juan Moscoso, two bears are having a good time, jumping from BrickBox to BrickBox.
We love the final result!

Vinyl storage shelf

BrickBox to the rhythm of the music

This picture shows the passion for vinyls that Phil, from PeaceFrog Records, has.

With a retro touch and a record player, he chose the XL BrickBox for his great collection!

Oak shelf in oak parquet

BrickBox Oak in oak floor

BrickBox Oak in oak floor:
Bright and tidy studio from one of our clients from The Netherlands, featuring the Oak BrickBoxes on oak floor.

BrickBox XL with white doors to store photo books

Photography books in the BrickBoxes XL

Our client Dean Freeman, photographer and director,
finally he has managed to order his many photography books
in our BrickBoxes.

Due to the large format of photography books,
has decided to use the BrickBox XL with white doors.

School textbook using BrickBox as an example of modular structure

BrickBox as example of modular structures

School textbook extract using BrickBox as an example of modular structures:
“It is common in the manufacture of shelves, bastide, containers and other similar structures to use
a certain type of fixed elements, called modules, that combine with each other.
These versatile modules can be easily transported, assembled, disassembled and rearranged
to make diverse objects.”

Why Birch Plywood?

BrickBox modules are made of birch plywood, a resistant and high quality material. A benchmark in the bioconstruction that is increasingly being used by eco-conscious engineers and architects.

We have chosen birch plywood over other woods cheaper to produce because:

– It comes from forests marked as ‘sustainable’. The birch tree is a fast growing …

The modules of the BrickBox modular shelf are sold disassembled, in flat packages.

Discover our packaging

The modules of the BrickBox modular shelving system are served in a convenient flat pack,
ready to assemble.

Modular BrickBox shelves travel all over the world. It has been sold in more than 50 countries.

Travel the world with the modular shelving system BrickBox

One of our first videos showing the modular BrickBox shelves traveling through different countries and cultures has become a reality.

BrickBox has been sold in more than 50 countries and has decorated thousands of rooms: no matter what you are going to store or wherever you are, with BrickBox: everything fits

New gray metal legs for office tables

Office tables with new metal legs in gray

Discover the new model of metallic legs in gray, which allow creating desks and tables in combination with large (150×80) and small (150×60) boards.

Two stacked modules (72 cm) have the ideal height to support one end of the table and the other on two legs.

Supplied with 6 screws suitable for screwing to the table …