Estanteria BrickBox como mueble bajo escalera y separador de ambientes en una oficina

There’s no difficult spaces with BrickBox!

There are very difficult spaces to decorate: the hole under the stairs, rooms with lower ceilings than usual, complicated distributions … Whenever you find yourself don’t knowing what to do with that kind of space: think of BrickBox! The modular shelves are the ideal solution in these cases. As an example, the Barcelona company …

Abajo las paredes con las estanterias modulares BrickBox como separador de espacios

Walls down!

With only eight modules you can create an ideal room separator to delimit two spaces of the house.
In this case, the client has chosen to separate the bedroom from the living area.
Walls down!

Estanteria modular entre salón y escalera

BrickBox in every corner

A difficult corner? Is something missing but you do not know what?
Between the living room and the staircase that leads to the attic,
a modular furniture composed of BrickBox and yellow aluminium doors.
Shelves full of books complemented by a red light have turned this difficult corner
into a functional and beautiful one.

Estanteria de ensueño con libros y novelas de ficción y fantásticas.

Do we are what we read or…

Do we are what we read or do we read what we are?
Modular shelves for books or books for modular shelves?
Do yoour books travel with you, or do you travel where your books guide you?
Boxes for books or books boxed?

Materiales para las estanterias modulares BrickBox: tornillos, tacos de madera y de nylon

All the material you need

We prepare all the material you need to build up your modular shelf.
All the screws and pegs needed are inside the BrickBox package,
ready to start building your creations!

Estanteria con juguetes. Tres ositos muy juguetones

BrickBox: Let your imagination fly

We love the shelves that our clients design, as well as the imaginative photos they send us.
In this nice picture of Juan Moscoso, two bears are having a good time, jumping from BrickBox to BrickBox.
We love the final result!

Estanteria para almacenar vinilos

BrickBox to the rhythm of the music

This picture shows the passion for vinyls that Phil, from PeaceFrog Records, has.

With a retro touch and a record player, he chose the XL BrickBox for his great collection!

Estanteria de roble en parquet de roble

BrickBox Oak in oak floor

BrickBox Oak in oak floor:
Bright and tidy studio from one of our clients from The Netherlands, featuring the Oak BrickBoxes on oak floor.

Los módulos de la estanteria modular BrickBox se venden desmontados, en paquetes planos.

Discover our packaging

The modules of the BrickBox modular shelving system are served in a convenient flat pack,
ready to assemble.