BrickBox and television

Many customers ask us what is the best way to place the television on the BrickBox. We recommend to build a TV cabinet with two tiers of our standard modules. The height of the console (72 cm) is perfect for those who like their TV at medium height, very suitable for watching TV lying down. Even with the addition of castors, the height (82 cm) is very comfortable for watching from the sofa. Those who prefer seated viewing can also choose to place the TV on a single BrickBox level (36 cm for the standard and 40 cm for the XL). On castors or legs, you have to add 10 cm to these heights. The versatility of BrickBox allows you to continue to build your shelf on one or both sides of the TV, thus turning your modular bookcase into the showcase of home culture: read, listened to and audiovisual.

The first photograph is by E.S from France and the second is by A.G from North America.