Modular bookcase with variable height with doors. Bookstore at two heights.
Two heights bookcase

Bookcase with variable heights and doors

Our Belgian customer built a bookcase at two heights, the left side is lower (at three levels) to take the light  from the window, and the right side is higher to store the maximum of books. BrickBox’s versatility made it possible. In addition, the doors of the two lower floors allow to hide and protect books and magazines from dust. We also sell transparent doors, to protect but not hide the books or vinyl records. The doors are foldable and retractable, so that once open they are in the upper part of the module, allowing to take the books or disks out very easily. To store vinyl records we recommend the BrickBox XL model, its size is perfect for vinyl records, large books and filing cabinets. BrickBox, probably the best modular bookcase in the world.