May 18,2018 Motif

Recorre el mundo con la estantería modular BrickBox

One of our first videos showing the modular BrickBox shelves traveling through different countries and cultures has become a reality.

BrickBox has been sold in more than 50 countries and has decorated thousands of rooms: no matter what you are going to store or wherever you are, with BrickBox: everything fits!


May 10,2018 Motif

Office tables with new metal legs in gray

Discover the new model of metallic legs in gray, which allow creating desks and tables in combination with large (150x80) and small (150x60) boards.

Two stacked modules (72 cm) have the ideal height to support one end of the table and the other on two legs.

Supplied with 6 screws suitable for screwing to the table top.
Adjustable height of the leg: 71 - 73 cm.
Diameter of the tube: 60 mm.


Apr 30,2018 Motif

Lancement de nouvelles portes en aluminium XL

Nous présentons les portes en aluminium XL peintes en quatre couleurs: blanc, gris, vert et jaune. Vous pouvez choisir une seule couleur ou en mélanger plusieurs pour créer une combinaison attrayante.

La porte pour module BrickBox est en aluminium de grande qualité, matériau très résistant aux coups et aux rayures.


Oct 18,2017 Motif

BrickBox in good company

BrickBox in good company: Nick Cave, David Bowie, The Nerves ... we love to be the storehouse of your musical culture!

BrickBox XL is recommended for vinyl records, but the BrickBox Standard works very well for these singles.


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