Why oak veneer instead of solid oak?

Why oak veneer instead of solid oak

Why oak veneer instead of solid oak? For the white BrickBox we thought of different options, different materials, which stood out for their robustness or for their sustainability. After many tests, we ended up using birch plywood, which offers a perfect balance between these two aspects. You can know a little more about the different characteristics of birch plywood and even more here:

In terms of sustainability, the birch stands out as it is a fast-growing tree with good reforestation, 15 years after its felling, the forest has already recovered, which makes it an ideal material for sustainable furniture.

When we studied the design of a new BrickBox line, the BrickBox Natural Oak, of a more sedentary and elegant nature, we saw that oak was going to be the most successful aesthetic decision, but that it lacked the ecological advantages of birch plywood.
Discarding solid oak, we decided to combine the two materials, applying an oak veneer to the birch plywood.

In this way we dress our modular shelves with the nobility of the Oak (slow growing tree) and the efficiency of the Birch (fast growing tree). To protect the Oak veneer we use a matt varnish, ecofriendly and very pleasant to the touch.