Small BrickBox Oak


Small Oak BrickBox Module Module made of birch plywood veneered in natural oak.

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Module made of birch plywood veneered in natural oak.

The BrickBox Oak has a higher price for several reasons:
1. The thickness of the oak veneer – a noble and expensive material – makes it necessary to reduce the sides of the plywood almost one millimeter in order to maintain the 12mm of final thickness.
2. Once plated, the oak requires a varnished finish.
3. To avoid splintering in ridges and countersinks, machining must be semi-manual.
This careful process adds an excellent and natural finish to a practical and original design.

The small BrickBox Module is designed for aligning the sides of the modular shelves. It should only be placed on the sides of the shelf, never in the center. Thanks to the patented anchorage system of the BrickBox Modules, the composition of modular shelving units means that different modules and arrangements can be combined: several heights, corner shelving (90º), modular division with access from both sides and stepped (variable height).

You can create anything from a side table or bedside table with a single module up to a large modular bookcase.

BrickBox is modular, can be transported without unscrewing and means the layout of the modules can be rearranged.

  • Outer measurements (mm): 270 long x 270 deep x 360 high.
  • Inner measurements (mm): 246 long x 256 deep x 336 high.
  • Board 12 mm thick.
  • Weight: 3,3 kg.
  • Strength: up to 80 kg in weight.
  • Maximum recommended height: up to 6 BrickBox modules. 216 cm.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Compatible accessories: small door, small shelf, small wall hook, legs and wheels.

Each module is supplied in individual packaging ready to set up in 3 min. All the assembly parts are included in the package. We do not recommend using the small modules in the centre of the composition – better at the ends.

Additional information

Weight 3,5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 36 cm