Modular bookcase with variable height with doors. Bookstore at two heights.

Bookcase with variable heights and doors

Our Belgian customer built a bookcase at two heights, the left side is lower (at three levels) to take the light  from the window, and the right side is higher to store the maximum of books. BrickBox’s versatility made it possible. In addition, the doors of the two lower floors allow to hide and …

Divide spaces with the BrickBox shelf. In this photo the kitchen room is divided.

BrickBox, space divider furniture

The BrickBox modules are the ideal solution for dividing rooms. Sometimes it is convenient to separate uses within the same space: the kitchen of the dining room, the dining room or the bedroom inside a studio. The great versatility of BrickBox allows a custom-made furniture, with boxes oriented to both sides, so that the …

Modular shelving unit of art, shelf for sculptures, paintings and books

BrickBox, a display for Art.

Chagall, Picasso, Vigeland, Almodóvar, Munch, Fassbinder… all fit in BrickBox.
We really like the composition of our Norwegian client!

Stepped wooden shelf for storing culture

BrickBox in New York

In the mythical city of skyscrapers BrickBox have built a structure with a stepped side. Culture arranged tastefully!

Mounting a bookcase as a room divider

Brickbox the most versatile library

The great versatility of BrickBox allows to create infinite different compositions: from a single module converted into a bedside table to a dividing wall built with boxes full of books.