BrickBox in Zuhause Wohnen, German magazine of furniture reference

BrickBox publicada en la revista alemana Zuhause Wohnen

BrickBox has been featured in Zuhause Wohnen magazine as one of the best modular shelves, the only one designed and manufactured in Spain among German and Scandinavian designs. We are very happy with this mention, which helps us a little more to make our way in northern European countries.

They have chosen as cover for their article a photograph showing the BrickBox shelf as a room divider, built in ladder, with modules on two sides and some modules without background.

The main text reads like this:

“Whether as a guardian of order, a stage for accessories, room dividers or decorative objects, shelves are the all-rounder among storage furniture.

Room divider
Large shelves are great for separating individual living areas from each other.
The combination of open and closed compartments is perfect.”

For another section of the article, they have chosen the BrickBox in a natural oak finish, as a kitchen cabinet, with yellow and gray aluminum doors.

“Many compartments, a lot of storage space, a lot of chaos?
The doors on the shelves add a neater look to the shelf. Another option is to use boxes that will fit into the shelf compartments.”