Apr 21,2017 Diseño

BrickBox, space divider furniture

The BrickBox modules are the ideal solution for dividing rooms. Sometimes it is convenient to separate uses within the same space: the kitchen of the dining room, the dining room or the bedroom inside a studio. The great versatility of BrickBox allows a custom-made furniture, with boxes oriented to both sides, so that the furniture offers storage to the two separated spaces. It is also possible to mount some module without the back board to increase the connection between the spaces. In this way, greater transparency is achieved. Here we can see some examples built by our clients.


Nov 30,2016 LibraryShelves

BrickBox, playing with kids

In the children’s playroom, BrickBox becomes a new toy.

The kid’s imagination plays composing different structures.

Shelving, with doors or without them, to save all our stuff!


Oct 14,2016 LibraryShelves

Kids enjoying BrickBox

Key Kawamura, architect (Studio Banana in Madrid, Lausanne and London) is fan of BrickBox.

After using our modules in their study, libraries and shops, he has also included BrickBox at home. Kids enjoying BrickBox!



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