Jun 23,2017 Diseño

BrickBox is made of white laminated birch plywood.

Our raw material, birch plywood, is the noblest of the woods derivatives. Plywood has the sheets arranged alternately with the veins along and across the board. In this way the board is balanced and resists similarly in all directions. These layers are glued with phenolic resins under high pressure. The result is a light material, very resistant and with its characteristic multilayer edge.

Our material comes from controlled forests of Ukraine and Baltic Countries. The most noble material for the best shelving system!


Jun 16,2017 Diseño

BrickBox, auxiliary furniture also

BrickBox is not only the best shelf system for books, its versatility allows a multitude of uses.

Here as an auxiliary dining room furniture. Modules containing crockery, glasses and utensils of kitchen and dining room.

The hinged doors allow to hide the interior. Versatile and bright design!


Jun 02,2017 Diseño

BoTable, the Living’s center

The sofa is the most important furniture in the living-room. And the coffee table its indispensable complement. The utilities of a coffee table are multiple: dinner for two in front of the TV, save the latest magazines, play Scrabble (or chess), store our small bar or show the most colorful coffe-books. All in abridged measures (90 x 60 x 40cm) and on wheels!


May 26,2017 Design

Storage cabinet for kitchen, pantry and office

Can we build a kitchen cabinet with BrickBox modules? Yes, we can. The BrickBox with doors are very effective as a storage cabinet for kitchen, pantry and office. The shallow depth of the boxes (27 cm) makes them an ideal solution for small spaces. The translucid polycarbonate doors –flip up and retractable– preserve the vision of the interior and prevent the entrance of dust.

BrickBox Storage Cabinet


May 17,2017 Diseño

Bookcase with variable heights and doors

Our Belgian customer built a bookcase at two heights, the left side is lower (at three levels) to take the light  from the window, and the right side is higher to store the maximum of books. BrickBox's versatility made it possible. In addition, the doors of the two lower floors allow to hide and protect books and magazines from dust. We also sell transparent doors, to protect but not hide the books or vinyl records. The doors are foldable and retractable, so that once open they are in the upper part of the module, allowing to take the books or disks out very easily.


Apr 21,2017 Diseño

BrickBox, space divider furniture

The BrickBox modules are the ideal solution for dividing rooms. Sometimes it is convenient to separate uses within the same space: the kitchen of the dining room, the dining room or the bedroom inside a studio. The great versatility of BrickBox allows a custom-made furniture, with boxes oriented to both sides, so that the furniture offers storage to the two separated spaces. It is also possible to mount some module without the back board to increase the connection between the spaces. In this way, greater transparency is achieved. Here we can see some examples built by our clients.



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